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Friday, 24 November 2017

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 Hello, My name is Deepak Ramesh and i work for Microsoft Corp,USA.I am writing this testimonial to express my heartfelt gratitude for Dr Rehan who performed a valve replacement surgery on my mother in feb 2010.My mother was suffering from Endocarditis since june 2009 and was treated for the same elsewhere.Although the infection itself got arrested,none of her symptoms improved.She was losing weight,was constantly fatigued and short of breath among many other ailments.We consulted various cardiologists at different institutions and they all came back with a variety of diagnosis ranging from blocks in the artery to tuberculosis and treated for all of these.However she did not respond to any of these treatments and her condition deteriorated over the next few months.Based on a referral from a friend,we approached Dr Rehan at Apollo hospital,Bangalore.Dr Rehan very quickly diagnosed this condition and informed us that the endocarditis had left behind large vegetations on the valve and that it was critical to replace the valve immediately.Although a critical surgery,Dr Rehan was very reassuring and took time to explain how and what the surgery entailed.This gave us enough confidence to make the decision to go ahead with the surgery.The surgery was succesful and my mother was home within a week and was able to get back into a normal routine within a month of the surgery.Today she has reestablished all her past activities and is well on course to leading a normal and active life.We are still consulting with Dr Rehan for follow up visits In summary, Dr Rehan's professional skills combined with his compassion to patients makes him an outstanding surgeon.We would highly recommend him to anyone with heart ailments requiring surgical intervention.We wish him all the very best!  

Date Written: 05 May 2010
Testimonial By: Deepak Ramesh

 I was having breathing problem for a long time and recently the doctors figured out it happens because of large secundum atrial septal defect (ASD aka hole) in the heart and they told me it can be only cured by an surgery perhaps a open heart surgery. I came to know about Dr Rehan from my Sisters son. He gave me confidence and told me it can be closed through an endoscopic closure. I had the surgery before three months ( as on Jan 2010 ) and the surgery was so quick and I was walking around the next day. I stayed in the hospital exactly 6 days and I came back to Chennai from Bangalore. I never been in to Bangalore before but Dr Rehan made it so easy. He gave me all the guidance to me and the ones who stayed with me. I am doing good now and I thank Dr Rehan for all his help. Let god be with him for all his achievements.  

Date Written: 04 January 2010
Testimonial By: Jerina Ahmed

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